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A Sober Life
A Sober Life

I had no idea how completely insane I was when I started on the road to recovery.  None.  And you likely have no idea how crazy you are either if you're currently active in your addiction.  What that means is that you are not the best judge of what it is you need.  Of course you'll argue with me on that point precisely because you're very ill.

I thought, "God, these poor, pathetic people...." when I walked into my first twelve-step meeting, not knowing how completely out of my mind I was.  It's that kind of grandiose thinking that kills us or makes us break out in handcuffs or strapped in leather restraints so as not to injure ourselves or others.

Sobriety isn't just kicking one bad habit, it's changing -- everything.  And it's not easy.  It's a "simple program" but certainly not easy.  If it were there wouldn't still be so many out there desperately wishing that they weren't so all consumed by their addiction.

First, let me say that the original 12-Step program saved my life and gave me a new one. It's a program that I continue to this day and will - God willing - for the rest of my life.  That said, my journey on this path of sobriety has led me to eliminate other detrimental consumptions that were heretofore unbeknownst to me. (That's a fancy way of saying I cut out other crap in my life and replaced it with good stuff, dare I say healthy stuff.)

It makes sense that our bodies need help now, especially if you trashed yours at all to the extent I did mine.  Our addiction ravages our whole being; body, mind, soul.

I am Your Disease